Leaving this page as a reminder. .. of topic to discuss with you Rich..

So obviously this page would just be a collection of portfolios if we decide to go that way.. or.. (note these would be for our more ‘static’ best shot portfolios that would be pages,  which we would rarely make changes to other than swapping out the occasional photo..)

( NOTE– We will also want to have Posts/Articles under each category and those would have content and photos related to a specific project which might or might not be photo-centric, meaning, might contain one or two photos, or  a gallery of photos for that project, (now of course we might glean out a good shot from one of these to add to the stately ‘Portfolio-page-for-specific-category’).

As far as Portfolios go .. we can have one main menu link then have  links to separate pages below with separate Portfolio for each distinct type of Service, i.e. ..

such as :

  • Interior Landscape /Office Plants / Commercial etc
  • Events
  • Holiday Décor
  • Outdoor Landscape/Garden/Patio Landscape etc..

Or , another option we can consider is to have portfolio menu item under each of the main menu links (keeping the main portfolios with their related category..)

so then under main menu links we might have those same individual portfolio pages, by doing it this way, if someone is checking out the menu for events for instance the portfolio for events would be right there as a sub-menu.  FOOD For THOUGHT AND DISCUSSION.